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Peace in the Desert + Huiricuta Obsession


Been going out into the high-plains region of San Luis Potosi, Mexico… just below Real de Catorce in the desert floor since around 1994.

Why? There are no cell towers or internet. Great place to hike, the area is considered sacred to the Huichol Indians (as well as other tribes from the North), peaceful, excellent place to unplug from society, write, etc…

Oh, and there’s loads of peyote there too. ;)

I’ve got a specific spot I like to go to. It’s only about 45min hike from the small town I rent a basic/primitive adobe room in. If the weather turns on me, not that far to get back to shelter. There’s a mesquite tree nearby for shade when the sun gets too intense, and a little shelter from rain. An old dusty burro cart track gets you most of the way there, then goat trails help get you the rest of the way without too many cactus spines stuck in your body parts.

The backdrop is great too. A mountain, also sacred to the Huichol Indians. Every 3 years years, it’s required that the head of each family must make a pilgrimage from their tribal area in the state of Nayarit, to the top of this mountain they call “Quemado”. They believe they must perform peyote or “jikuri” ceremonies at various points along the way and at the top of Quemado, in order for the sun to continue to rise, as well as various spiritual reasons. They make magnificently designed, colorful yarn art based on peyote visions, and have mostly maintained their culture for at least 2000 years.

I’m told, that it’s believed that the great Blue Deer diety, where it leaves it’s tracks, is where the peyote grows. And, I believe their 4 principle deities include The Blue Deer, Corn, Peyote, and the Eagle.

It’s an interesting area with great spiritual significance to many people. The Huichol have an excellent museum in Zacatecas, with many examples of their art and culture.

Anyway, it’s a place I’ve been going to re-charge for several years now.

Back in 2009, I started making a design in the dirt. Ended up scooting a peace sign in the dirt about 13 feet in diameter. When I returned, the wind had wiped it away, so I made another one in the same spot, and started adding large stones to outline it. Each time I went to the desert, I’d add more. When finished with the outline, I started adding small, white quartz stones to fill it in. This took much longer to find the smaller stones, but I just kept at it for some reason, every time I was there. And then I’d take photos of it as it progressed.

Recently, I was there again… and finally finished filling it the design with the white stones. Took 4 shots to stitch together, and got GPS coordinates for it as well.

Why? I have not idea. Or, Why not?

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